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Read our new pamphlet!

Posted on | October 31, 2012 | 37 Comments

LCAP has published a new pamphlet, sharing some of our stories and experience!

LCAP has published a new pamphlet, sharing some of our stories and experience!

London Coalition Against Poverty has published a pamphlet sharing some of our stories and experiences for others who would like to change injustices that affect our communities.

This builds on a discussion with other independent, grassroots groups that we published last year.

Download the pdf to have a look, or email us if you would like to request a paper copy!

If you are able to order a few copies to distribute to your group, in a local bookshop or elsewhere, we’d love to hear from you too!

No more fuel poverty! Pensioners protest against unaffordable energy

Posted on | October 23, 2012 | 59 Comments

When: 12:00, Saturday 27th October

Where: Stratford Westfield shopping centre, meet at upper entrance of Primark (near Disney store)

The latest gas and electricity price rises are a nail in many coffins. 65 people died every day last winter as a result of illnesses caused by cold homes. Many of these people were pensioners and disabled people. As energy company prices – and profits – soar, there will be many more deaths this year.

If we can’t afford to heat our homes we have a right to go into any warm building and make ourselves at home.

– We have the right to warm up inside the offices of those driving fuel poverty: the Big Six energy companies, the government, landlords and letting agents.

– We have the right to warm up inside public spaces threatened by cuts including libraries and day centres, which keep many people warm throughout the winter.

– We have the right to warm up inside warm, privatised spaces that keep us shut out including shops, banks and shopping centres.


Pensioners from the Greater London Pensioners’ Association will be asserting this right by coming out of their cold homes and warming up inside the toasty Westfield Stratford shopping centre.

They demand:

– That the government reinstate the Winter Fuel Allowance in full (this has been cut by £50 for those over 60 and £100 for those over 80.)

– That the energy companies reinvest in affordable, cleaner and safer energy supplies and use their enormous profits to do so, instead of putting the cost on to the consumer.

– That the government acknowledge an entitlement of all including the sick, disabled people, the elderly and families with young children, to a well insulated, warm place to live in good repair.

Please come along to support this pensioner-led action. Meet at 12 noon, outside the upper entrance to Primark (near the Disney Store).

The action is being supported by Fuel Poverty Action.



Tel: 07586482157

Twitter: @FuelPovAction

Facebook: Fuel Poverty Action

Protest a family being evicted from London

Posted on | August 20, 2012 | 56 Comments

The background to these evictions can be read here:

Monday 20th August 7pm

Protest at Brent Town Hall (nearest Tube Wembley Park; buses 206 (from Kilburn), 83 (from Eailing))

Saturday August 25th 3pm

Counihan Family Battlebus Kilburn Square, then Carlton Estate, Marian Community Centre, Stafford Road NW6 5RS at 4.30pm

Press release from Kilburn Unemployed Workers’ Group

Posted on | June 9, 2012 | 33 Comments

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group:
Inform and Survive

“As the Con-Dem Cabinet of multi-millionaires continues to conspire on privatising and asset-stripping our public services with lobbyists from global corporations as ‘advisers’, the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group (KUWG) helps people in Brent and Camden and beyond know what they can do about it,” Clarence Jackman, a KUWG spokesperson said today.

Meeting every Thursday from 3pm till 5pm at Kingsgate Community Centre, 107 Kingsgate Road, NW6 2JH, the KUWG liaises with Disability in Camden’s (DISC) benefits advice team over casework brought to KUWG by meeting attenders who become aware of the group meetings via weekly leafleting outside Kilburn Jobcentre. As an offshoot of that contact, Luchvinder from DISC will be talking to the Group on Thursday, 14 June about forthcoming legislated changes to the benefits system and what to do about them. And on 21 June the group will be welcoming Richard Braniff, TUC envoy starting a group of young unemployed in NW10 on how we can help prevent the youth of today becoming part of a reserve army of slave labour. Speakers generally speak for about ten minutes at the start of the meeting, and then answer questions for about a further ten minutes.

KUWG will also be represented at a meeting of the London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP) on 23 June, and is aiming to take part in forthcoming trade union demonstrations and activities, as well as co-operating with Brent Trades Council and Brent Fight Back.

“What is happening to our public services is a legalised abuse of vulnerable people, while the 2012 Diamond Jubilee, London Olympics and Paralympics constitute an expensive distraction. But, as self-help ‘survivors’ groups established in the 1980s, a ‘survivor’ is someone who is no longer prepared to be or become a ‘victim’. We help local people become better informed and survive as stakeholders and trustees of public services for the public good,” Mr Jackman concluded for the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group.

Protest: Justice for the cleaners as LSE

Posted on | June 9, 2012 | 34 Comments

When: Wednesday, 13 June 2012, 13:00 until 14:30
Where: LSE, Houghton Street, City of Westminster, WC2A 2AE – just by Natwest bank

Come and stand in solidarity with the cleaners at the LSE who will be staging a lively protest to…

1) Stop the LSE from reducing the cleaner’s working hours
2) Stop the LSE from intensifying the cleaner’s working day
3) Stop the LSE from giving with one hand and taking with the other
4) Stop the LSE from treating the cleaners like second-class employees
5) Publicly expose Resource’s management’s inveterate practice of racist bullying

Resource is the calamitous contract cleaning company to which LSE has outsourced its service.

The cleaners will be placed under an unbearable amount of mental, physical and financial distress if these pernicious proposals are passed, or these bigoted practices continue.

Why is the LSE doing this?

Simply because the LSE, that still inanely claims “to improve society”, has decided that the cleaners are second-class employees who should give more for less!

Come and tell the LSE and Resource that enough is enough!

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